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Titan X

Humans only, ALWAYS

Cutting-edge fraud prevention technology, at your fingertips.

Through systematic, multi-layered detection, all traffic will be meticulously vetted, protecting you from emerging threats. Hitting the brakes on ad fraud through sophisticated methodologies, TitanX is designed to put your ads in the eye line of real, laser-targeted audiences. Combining deep evidence with state-of-the-art intelligence, bots, domain spoofing, click injections, and ad stacking will be exchanged for real consumers, driving quality traffic. Optimizing your investment through machine learning, powerful insights, and artificial intelligence, we pave the way towards optimal brand safety, reverse-engineering attacks, and ultimately, giving you the tools to generate invaluable leads, free of user friction.



We prevent fraud before it happens on In App, Desktop, Mobile Web, CTV – TitanX guards them all.

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Challenging the status Quo

Calling upon real-time solutions, AI-backed technology, ongoing analysis, and an eagle-eye for accuracy, TitanX is designed to detect even the most advanced bots, safeguarding your ads and supercharging your returns.

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Future Proof

Tapping into leading-edge methodologies, TitanX has been meticulously developed to protect against ever-evolving threats, future-proofing ads, and optimizing your security. Pinpointing threats as they occur, verifying traffic, and combing through data, we combat fraud from pre-bid to post-bid.

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Real time (almost) zero latency

Tackling fraud head-on, our proactive real-time solutions are designed to meet laser-fast speeds, examining each ad request with unmatched precision. Giving advertisers the ultimate peace of mind, we safeguard the behind-the-scenes, helping you spend your time where it counts.

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Unparalleled Accuracy

Powered by a team of AI specialists, TitanX was built to reel unwanted traffic to the surface, thwarting click farms and bots as they arise. The key to high-performance ads, monitoring, halting, and blocking malicious activity offers enhanced protection for your campaigns.

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Fraud Awerness

Developed by our in-house team of ad fraud specialists, TitanX goes beyond obstructing emerging attacks. Combining cutting-edge methodologies with rich insights, leading with an eye for transparency, we routinely block suspicious devices, record attacks as they happen, and identify fraud patterns, thwarting future attacks and enhancing our understanding of large-scale threats. Driving a new era of fraud awareness, our methodology supports superior ad outcomes.

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Fraud Prevention

Forming water-tight ad campaigns, our methodologies aren’t solely designed to repel attacks as they happen. With an emphasis on prevention, advertisers can benefit from smooth-running, fully optimized ads, free of time-consuming refund requests and costly outlays. Keeping fraud at bay, advertisers will be fully covered throughout their campaign, to the post-bid phase and beyond, catapulting ad effectiveness.

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Fraud Protection

With a track record of teasing weak points outward, TitanX was developed to act as an integral cog in your fraud detection wheel, protecting your brand and evaluating ad performance. Determining whether each visitor is a bot in record speeds through round-the-clock analysis, fraudulent activity will be detected before it reaches your ads.

Industry leading Solutions. Powerful results.

TitanX against:

Ad Injections
Geo Masking

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