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Bridging the gap between engaged audiences and your ads, QuantumX is designed to open up global traffic, going beyond catapulting KPIs. An advertising marketplace with a cutting-edge twist, our AI-backed solutions are meticulously developed to tap into laser-targeted, high-quality users, optimizing your outlays and driving ROIs. Having partnered with some of the globe’s leading powerhouses, we connect brands of all scopes with audiences in their natural habitats, namely bustling mobile apps. A brand-safe marketplace, founded to hit ‘refresh’ on current ecosystems, our solutions are renowned for combatting fraud, generating thoroughly vetted inventory, and driving real value to advertisers and audiences alike.

Digital advertising, tailored to you

Nurturing high-performance mobile marketing campaigns through one ultra-efficient platform, QuantumX brings together the best of in-app exchanges, where sophisticated technology meets secure inventory. Driving engagement, unlocking expansive audiences, and delivering unparalleled ad experiences, we have secured our status as industry leaders.


Giving you the tools to launch dependable campaigns, whether you’re going the in-app or the omnichannel route, our platform is built upon transparency. Aiding on-the-go decision-making through brand-safe provisions, rich insights, and dedicated support, advertisers can seamlessly tap into quality-tested worldwide traffic.

Advanced analytics

Stay in the loop with QuantumX. Through predictive modeling, deep learning, and AI-powered algorithms, drive performance through sophisticated analytics, offering a clear window into your ads. With a team of advertisement specialists at your disposal, access results-driven campaigns, made to make a difference.

Real Results

Playing a pivotal role in your success, our marketplace is designed to deliver measurable outcomes, easing the buying process and tackling ad fraud head-on. Brimming with cutting-edge features, we are driven by a desire to give advertisers optimal peace of mind, making hypergrowth, interactive ads simple.


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Uniqe Users


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At scale solution

To the QuantumX team, the underpinning driving force centers on helping brands – big and small – tap into an unprecedented campaign-optimization solution to leverage their marketing success. Yielding notable ROIs for campaigns of all scopes, we offer high-quality, easy-to-use, at-scale solutions in real-time.


Anti fraud technology

To reach real audiences, it’s crucial to get past redundant, invalid traffic. Utilizing our powerful in-house fraud prevention technology, we work to ensure every ad request is met with the highest level of security, safeguarding your traffic quality. From there, results will follow, taking a multitude of pre-bid to post-bid steps to ensure you lead the curve.


Pioneering solutions

From driving leads, conversions, and traffic to putting your brand at the forefront of your industry, head-turning ads are a vital growth strategy, nurturing your expansion. Igniting interest and driving interactions, QuantumX streamlines the process, offering a smooth-running, watertight marketplace for brands to thrive, free of dwindling revenue and performance-limiting insights.

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