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VP Strategic partnerships

Tom Kapach

VP Sales

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VP Finance

Shimri Shitrit



Plexus offers the industry’s most effective technologies and solutions for intelligent predictive audience targeting – delivered in conjunction with best in class account management, creative services, strategic services and real-time reporting.

Plexus’ targeting approach combines legacy targeting methods like geo- targeting, behavioral targeting and retargeting with innumerable data points, yielding superior precision and accuracy in finding (and delivering) any audience at scale.

Simply put, Plexus delivers for its advertiser clients the right audience, under the right conditions, at the right time.

Predictive Bidding Technology for Advertisers

Powered by a massive amount of data on shoppers, products, publishers, and their interactions, Predictive Bidding places the right bid at the right price and right time for each individual.
Without comprehensive insight, your spend won’t make as big of an impact as it could.

Our Predictive Bidding technology applies real-time bidding scenarios for display and video ads, determining the value-to-cost ratio, and powers our products to bid at the optimal time and rate for your target audience.

Ad server

Plexus offers its advertisers a cutting-edge Ad Serving Technology which allows advanced targeting capabilities, real-time decisions based on the clients KPIs, sophisticated API models for implementing AI paradigms, predictive analytics algorithms designed for achieving a higher performance for our clients KPIs, rich and detailed reporting allowing extensive analytical breakdowns for observing the data and developing insights.

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