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Recent Contacts Newest Digits

See your most recently added contacts

Having a hard time remembering how you saved someone’s number the other day?
Forgot the cute girl’s name from last night?
With this you don’t have to scroll all over your contact list- stop wasting time!

• Sort your contacts by the date they were created
• Sort your contacts by alphabetical order
• Quick access to contacts details (Call, Message etc)

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Video to GIF Maker

Our app allows you to create animated GIF in a very simple way. Share your creations via social networks, messaging applications, and emails! Everyone can easily make interesting animated GIF files, in no time..

• No Watermarks and No Ads
• Add Cool Text & Emoji – choose color and font style that fits you
• Set GIF Speed – speed up or slow down your GIF with a motion effect
• Change GIF Direction – choose between regular, reversed or boomerang directions
• Trim GIF – remove unwanted parts from your GIF
• iCloud Support

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Live Photo Edit

GIF Maker Video for live photo

Make GIFs, Videos or Pictures from your Live Photos.

Live edit lets you make GIF and Videos from Live Photos at ease. You can now share your Live Photos with your friends on iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Tumblr and more.

• Convert to a specific image frame
• Convert to video file
• Convert to Gif

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SMS Filter Spam Junk Messages

Detect and filter incoming spam SMS and MMS messages

Are you often plagued with spam messages, unwanted messages or advertising messages? SMS Filter is your solution. It is very easy and lightweight, yet powerful messages blocker.

• Allow List of Senders and Keywords
• Block List of Senders and Keywords
• Select keywords from our recommendations or add your own keywords to mark messages containing selected keywords as junk.
• Boost your battery life by reducing unwanted notifications and need to clear messages
• Clean and simple UI
• Be more focused on your daily tasks. Increase your productivity by not allowing unwanted messages to distract you.
• Messages from your contacts will never be marked junk, so don’t risk missing any important message.

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Yoga Moment

Immerse yourself into beautiful healing sounds

Yoga Meditation Sounds which helps creating deep states of relaxation and inner peace. This is wonderful collection of powerful sounds which induce a meditative state and a feeling of intense relaxation. This app will give you the tools you need to find your way back to serenity.

Deep & relaxing variety of sounds, to maximise your session.
A background music to personalise your meditation practice

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